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  • Pre-rolls at Foster Buds
  • Pre-rolls at Foster Buds
  • Pre-rolls at Foster Buds
Here at Foster Buds, we carry a large variety of pre-rolled joints made with care from the same top shelf quality cannabis flower our customers have grown to enjoy; we never use shake or stems. So, get ready for the weekend and stop by today!

Artisan Blended Pre-Rolls

Cannabis connoisseurs often enjoy combining various strains of flower to achieve a unique blend—sometimes in a pipe; sometimes in a custom rolled joint. This practice of focusing on the characteristic taste, aroma and effect of each strain to create a new experience is similar to a sommelier selecting particular grape varietals from around the globe to blend the perfect fine wine.

Here at Foster Buds, our master joint rollers enjoy creating new artisan blended pre-rolls for your smoking enjoyment. We have frequent joint-naming contests to let our customers join in the fun of naming these truly unique blends. Simply check our facebook page for the next contest.

In the meantime, let’s play a game!

Can YOU Guess the Winning Name of These Combined Strains?

(Click arrow to reveal answer)

Dogwalker + Ancient Kush + Chiesel = ?


Star Master Kush + Platinum Kush + Ancient Kush = ?


Pacha Mama + Ancient Kush = ?

Farmer 12 Blend

Sour OG + Perma Frost = ?

Sour Sativa

Killer Queen + Silver Tip + Perma Frost = ?

Frosted Flakes

Atomic Dreams + J1 = ?

Atom Bomb

Day Tripper + Lemon Vortex = ?

The Secret Garden

Day Tripper + FOG + OG Kush = ?

Original Gangsta

Purple Hindu Kush + The Purps = ?

Purple Power Ranger

Blue Dream + Hashberry = ?

Road Rash

LA Sweet Tooth + Peachy Pine = ?

Sweet Peach

Dr. Who + Blue Dream + Hindu Kush = ?

Blue Who

Dutch Treat + Hindu Kush = ?

Swiss Army

Blue Chunk + Harlequin + Hindu Kush = ?

Deep Blue SeaBD

Harlequin + Cheesequake = ?


Don't Forget About Our Weekly Deals on Pre-Rolls

• $1 Joint Fridays •

Every Friday, Buy a Quality Pre-Roll for a Buck (with purchase)

To find out if your favorite pre-roll strain is currently in stock, simply give us a call, send us a message on our contact page or visit our current Menu.

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